To call the proposal of the three HOG MEETS FROG bizarre and unconventional is reductive at best:
the Austrian band is no stranger to daring expe­rimentation of this kind, but what they offer bet­ween the grooves of their new work humANIMA­Lization seems to have set new, improbable standards.
The five pieces are a compendium of insane artistic gimmicks, assembled by paying homage to the most disparate musical genres in the absence of any reference model. The prota­gonists are quirky animals grappling with impro­bable situations, and following them and their vi­cissitudes becomes an opportunity to go in search of quotations, knockout hits and crazy passages. They are reminiscent, due propor­tions established, of the sonic anarchy of certain Primus from which Hogs Meets Frag have certainly bor­rowed the taste for The contamination and the most total lack of linearity in the development of individual songs. 1 which, starting from Of Snakes ’n‘ Moles ’n‘ Bulls ’n‘ Dough up to Ziggy The Unipigcorn unleash a mixture of humor and genius: while fantasy is left anarchically free to give voice anarchically free to give voice and life to kalei­doscopic images in a colorful palette of notes that chase each other in a frenzied and bombas­tic manner.