l’ve listened to a lot of different music over the years, and now I can expand my horizons consi­derably with this, let’s just say, distinctive EP re­lease by Hog Meets Frog from Austria. A crazy mix of funk metal, prog metal, and quirky chords and sudden tempo changes, with a heck of a lot of virtuosity from all 3 members of the band. Then you’ve got Primus on steroids, with a dash of Tool and Frank Zappa thrown in. lt sounds like a wild ride, and it’s certainly not something that’s easily accessible on first listen. But it’s so technically wildly executed that you keep finding more and more details in all the mess, because it’s confusing to listen to, but in an exciting way. Six tracks with such mundane titles as „Apes Don’t Smoke Cigars – Just Pipes“ and „Ziggy the Unipigcorn“ may say a little about the weird uni­verse we are moving in. But there should be no doubt that these gentlemen can play and chal­lenge you as a listener, and I can only encoura­ge you to give it a listen if you are into anything but mainstream metal.