HOG MEETS FROGs ‚ADOLF the ant (… or am i steve?)‘ –
or how to NOT seize the world as a drunken maniac

A small bar, fucked up, empty – this is probably the best environment in which misanthropic warmongers and self-proclaimed world conquerors should stay with their power fantasies.
And it is precisely in this scenario that HOG MEETS FROG have placed their protagonist – ADOLF the ant. Maybe his name is Steve, but who knows, especially when you’re drunk as a skunk?

Staggering back and forth between aggression and narcissism – with a fading sense of equilibrium – he fantasizes about using people who trust and cheer him for his purposes, instrumentalizing them in order to seize world domination and to finally subjugate and enslave them all.

Sip by sip, the desire for power increases, while at the same time the ability to control oneself shrinks glass by glass, until finally unconsciousness sets in and shows the great conqueror what he really is: a sad little lonley homunculus.


Does the animal live in the human being or does the human being live in the animal?

While bigoted monkeys wallow in their overconfidence, stupid peeping-bears spy on humanity with glee, and bearish stock market bulls put money above friendship, an insecure little pig is persuaded by advertising to be happier as a unicorn, only to become – in the course of an unsuccessful cosmetic operation – an unsightly unpigcorn.
In addition, HOG MEETS FROG’s progressive metal funk, which is difficult to classify, prances back and forth in front of the listeners in a lascivious and slapsoundcheerful manner, until it unexpectedly and uncompromisingly jumps aggressively into their faces, sucks itself in there and slaps and trashes and slaps and funks and slaps and grooves, in order to then shortly after crawl through the ears into the skull and there hit the top of the skull from the inside with a new metal hammer until the crown chakra opens.
This expansion of consciousness then makes you realize what HOG MEETSFROG’s
new EP is all about: ‚humANIMALization‘