We don’t know the history of Hog Meet Frog, but it seems that the band has been around since at least 2003, when they released a first CD-R EP, a second three years later, an album in 2013, and finally this five-song set titled humANIMALi­zation. Are you a Primus fan, but the band no longer regularly offers enough albums to satiate you? Then try Hog Meets Frog, which draws more than its fair share of inspiration from Primus, from the almost constantly slapping bass to the nasal vocals (which Les Claypool eventually borrowed from the Residents) to the guitar dissonances. In short, Hog Meets Frog sucks too. lf you’ve always found Primus a bit too wacky, but like funk metal in general, you might like this Austrian trio, which offers an equally wacky, if slightly more accessible versi­on of the San Franciscans‘ music, thanks largely to a guitar that relies much more on tat, lush riffs, and an instantly communicable, even festi­ve, energy.
(Olivier Drago)