There’s an element of uniqueness to how each of these songs are written, although you can’t deny the clear influence of say the Primus bass lines or Zappa-esc experimentation, yet it is within the niche, thematic storytelling that gives Hog Meets Frog a real musical identity.

Joe McKenna / Metal

It has that same fun funky bounce that Les Claypool and Co. are so good at. This goes in to other distorted territories like RHCP and the superb guitar solos lean more in a heavy metal direction. Throw in some off kilter and unpredictable Mr Bungle (RHCP Vs Mr Bungle you say?) and you’ve got a piece of work that has brightened up my day tenfold.

Spark Bean

With influences ranging all over the musical spectrum from progressive and death metal to jazz, to world music and funk, there is something for everyone in the riffs and chords that the Austrian group writes.